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When the fifth season of the Wire ended in 2008, barely over 1 million viewers tuned in for it. That is less than one percent of all American viewers. The large majority of people worldwide have never even heard of this wonderful television series. That is why we have created this website, to 1) Help people discover the Wire and its beauty, and 2) Learn more about it and dive deeper into its many complexities.

The important thing to remember when watching the Wire is that it is not simply a crime drama portraying the war against drugs. It is a show that delves into the very essence of the city of Baltimore and portrays its good and its bad for the world to see and consider. This show does not hide the ugliness of what may be, but instead puts it on full display in an attempt to perhaps change things. David Simon, the man behind the Wire, talks about these things here.

It is fitting that people remain ignorant of the Wire, just as they remain ignorant of so many of the problems that the Wire portrays, from the lower class blacks, to the lower class whites, to the corrupt government, to the corrupt education system, the Wire examines all these issues in a sophisticated and interesting manner. The Wire will go down as one of the greatest television series in history, and we hope you can utilize this site to learn more about it.

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