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Butchie is one of the most lovable characters in the Wire. He is always around to give good, sound advice and is never allows emotions to cloud his judgement. Every Batman needs an Alfred. Omar needs a Butchie. Though blind, he is extremely resourceful and perceptive. This helped provide such a complex mind like Omar with the psychological advice he needed to navigate the roads that made up the game. Only thing missing from their therapy sessions was a folded out sofa and an hourly charge. The torture and death of Butchie is not only one of the most violent scenes in the Wire, but also one of the most touching. He remains loyal to Omar even to the death. He embodies the fact that despite someone being weak physically, they can still be very strong in areas such as intelligence and loyalty. He gives Omar great advice, and their story seems to be heading to a happy ending until Marlo becomes involved. Butchie, full of wisdom and playing the game the right way, is yet another example of the great minor characters of the Wire.

Best Butchie Moments

Butchie Tortured by Chris and Snoop

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